Días de la semana 

Today was our last “learning” day in Spanish class-our final class is next week and we will play games and review it all!

While we do enjoy spending 80% off the class singing and reviewing everything anyway, this week brought a new concept: days of the week!

One of my favorite bilingual books to read is Oso en la ciudad in which this little bear visits certain parts of the city on a given day (bakery, toy store, theaters, pool, etc). We can read in English and Spanish where he goes and start to see the layout of the days of the week. 

Then my days cards help us with colors and numbers before we jump in to learn the actual days. 

We spent a few minutes talking about how the English calendar runs Sun-Sat, but the Spanish calendar is Mon-Sun. Then we commence with singing, per usual. 

I’ve loved finding easy and quick tunes that I am able to play on my guitar and sing with the kids-it brings another element of engaging them! We choose this song (on repeat) to end our class today!! 

It is such a blast hearing from so many of you how your child is singing this, or repeating that. They are soaking it all up!!! 

Los animales 

On Friday, we “took a trip” to the farm and met all of our fun farm animals. We sang our own version of Old MacDonald, complete with animals and their complimentary sounds. Then, we finished off with “Un amigo me enseñó” with those animals. That’s probably one of everybody’s favorites! 

Some important vocabulary:











Farm-la granja 

El cuerpo 

We continue to add to our laundry list of fun songs to sing, but in our first Spanish class being back at school since spring break, we turned our learning focus to parts of the body ( el cuerpo). 

We did a rousing number of “cabeza, hombros, piernas, pies” (head, shoulders, knees and toes) and then spent a few minutes in our very own dance party to this Kimmy Schwimmy hit: Matarile

We also welcomed our youngest class this week (nursery/ 1s)-it’s amazing what those little friends can learn so soon in life!! It’s a blast being able to teach them Spanish!

La Pascua

Before Spring Break, our students were able to meet for a combined Spanish/Science/Chapel/music class. We talked all things Easter, mainly sharing the gospel and WHY we celebrate Easter (sans bunny). 

Check this post from last year for vocabulary and other fun things for our Easter lesson. 

We’re still singing…

I’ve tried incorporating a few new concepts over the last couple of weeks to continue with colors, counting, and objects.  The best way to do this: singing.  So it seems like our Spanish class has turned into a music class, but the kids are moving along in learning, moving their bodies and getting rid of those jitters, and having fun all at the same time!

This week, we learned the final way of singing about the 11 colors that we will learn by the end of the year.  We’ve got two more left (to cover at Easter and Springtime), but for the most part, we’ve been doing them all year.  Sing this to the tune of Frere Jacques:


We also jammed to our animal singing song with the guitar.  This, by far, is the kids’ favorite song.  So we’ll just keep on doing it!

I also included some stretching and “Simon Says” type activities to start doing more with body parts.  Next month, we’ll talk about the body and clothing a little bit more in depth.

But for now, we’ll just keep on singing!

Crafts, colors, and counting

Our last two weeks in Spanish class have been so fun! Last week we spent the majority of our class time painting…we are making a masterpiece for an end of the year craft (it’s a secret!).  Each child had the opportunity to paint a different color, and practice speaking our colors. 

This week, I intended for us to begin our unit on la familia (the family), but I was very interested in doing an activity with the children that I just found this week and it was a hit!!

So I deem today “fish day” 🐟

I had a white fish bowl on my board and we continued to fill it up with all of our different colored fish. The bowl was white, and we had 10 other colorful fish. 

While placing the fish on the board, we sang along just like this clip until the bowl was completely filled. 

Then, we could sing our color song AND count!

Uno, dos, tres pezicitos en el agua 

Cuatro, cinco seis pezicitos en el agua

Siete pezicitos, Ocho pezicitos, nueve y dies pezicitos. 

Then our pezicitos taught us how to sing (glub glub glub glub)!

The family unit will be coming up next!!

El día de San Valent

Me: Who does Mrs. Amanda love more than ANYBODY else in the whole, wide world? 

The kids: GOD!!!

I LOVE it when my kids get me.  And I LOVE it when they tell the truth! This was probably one of the best parts of all the classes I’ve ever taught.  I’ll get to that in a bit…

In Spanish class this week, we took a few extra minutes to talk about Valentines Day and love…but first: we sing!


Jesus Loves Me

The Colors Song

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Twinkle, Twinkle

Everytime we get together

Then, I brought out la caja again for a beautiful discussion on love.  First, we made sure we knew the shape of a heart (corazón) and the color (rosado), and all about love (amor  or amistad). 

 I then told them about loving God because he first loved us, then we were able to all share who else we love so much.  I taught a catchy tune for singing “I love you” to anyone:

I love you, you are my heart

We love all of our friends too, so I closed the day with a new song that we will continue to learn about friends (people and animals).  A friend showed me how… and this will help us know our animals too.

We so enjoyed our time together this week.  Each class was filled with smiles and lots of fun was had.  They are learning SO much and I am incredibly proud of them!

El tiempo: La nieve

Today seemed to be one of THE coldest days since the new year began so it was ideal to chat about about la nieve (snow) in class today. 

As always, we started out by singing. Weve racked up quite a list of canciones but the best part: each class is really learning their colors well, and how to sing Jesus Loves me in Spanish. 

We had something new in the box today: a snowflake (copo de nieve) that is white (blanco). 

We then read a book about a young friend who needed a friend to play with in the snow. So Gus makes a snowman (muñeco de niece) and a new friend. 

We had a cute little visual with snowmen today. This helped us focus on counting forwards and backward, basic parts of face (eyes-ojos, nose-nariz and mouth-boca). 

I tried to speak most of the poem in Spanish and had movements for the children to follow along. 

Cinco muñecos están en la fila (5 snowmen standing in a row)

Tienen dos ojos, un nariz y una boca (they each had two eyes, a nose and a mouth)

Viene el sol y brilla todo el día (along came the sun and shone all day long)

Y un muñeco de nieve se fue (and one snowman melted)

A neat way to incorporate so many skills in one quick activity! Try it at home!

Hasta el viernes próximo-


Grande y pequeño

Since I’ve been teaching preschool for about 5 years now, each year we cover mostly the same material and concepts. So I switched up the teaching plan and added a few different things in this semester. Todays class was one of those: concept of big and little. 

But first, as always-musical review!!! “Hola” “Jesus Loves Me” and the colors song were up first, followed by the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle. I’d love for you to see the lead ins to these songs-the first 5-7 minutes of our class now flows so fluidly that the children know exactly what’s next and they get excited to sing!

Then I read a book: Rubia and the three osos. Basically Goldilocls and the three bears. It’s written in English but with carefully placed vocabulary words in Spanish (my favorite kinds)!  We read about a quarter of the way to where we saw bowls, chairs and beds in the three different sizes: grande, mediana y pequeño. 

Then I pulled out about 10 pairs of different objects from my caja-out of the pairs, one was noticeably larger and the other was smaller. So we sorted them in the correct piles, while the children repeated what they were hearing aurally. 

Las cosas pequeñas 

Las cosas grandes

After they were all sorted, the children individually helped me clean up. I would tell them: “escoge una cosa grande/pequeña y ponla en la caja” (pick a large or small item and put it in the box)

They would pick what they wanted, I’d speak the words so they could repeat them and then all was cleaned up!

We had a fun time dancing at the end today too!

Hasty luego-


El día de Los superheroes 

January 20, 2017

Superhero week wouldn’t be complete unless we had fun in Spanish class too!!

I collected some super hero figures from my teacher friends with boys and we had a ball. 

We named the colors of our superheroes in Spanish, we talked about whether they could fly, fight, or be super. Then we counted all of our plastic friends and sat them up on a wall. 

I used a cute finger play in Spanglish …instead of saying the English number, I substituted the Spanish number, then counted at the end of each verse. We only used 5 superheroes for our song, but you get the picture. 

After a quick game of “volar saltar luchar super” (movements to go along with….sort of like Simon says) we sat to discuss more about the REAL superhero. 

Jesus is the best superhero of all, and has rescued us and keeps us safe and protects us. He’s better than any other superhero we could think of. 

Cristo es mi superheroe was a super fun song to sing in class that got us all moving and shaking (and sweating!). The best part-the kids had a blast and took away the main message!!

We mixed up a bit of Spanish, Chapel, and music today in class and it was a blast!!